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Are you looking for concrete balcony professionals in your area? If yes, you are exactly at the right spot. 


Our company has been founded with one goal in mind: offering quality concrete balcony repairs to the local residents of West Palm Beach and beyond. You will love our customer service, the quality of our work, and the professionalism of our team. 


Like any other part of your property, your balcony requires ongoing maintenance in order to serve its purpose for as long as possible. 


Your balcony is made of concrete and without any waterproof membrane, water can penetrate the structure and damage it. Let us assess the current state of your balcony and then make personalized recommendations based on your situation. 


The hanging nature of this type of balconies make them very convenient and they are often used to act extra space to a building or apartment. But the design and sometimes a poor choice of material can cause early wear and tear. That’s why you should pay special attention to your concrete balcony and hire the help of specialists to make sure the structure remains sound and safe. 

Balcony Repair Services in West Palm Beach, Florida


We provide you with effective waterproofing and coating solutions to protect your balcony from any exterior damage. Balcony strengthening is another service we offer if you want to prevent any damage in the future. We use the best composite materials on the market to perform this operation and the others. 


We offer a wide range of concrete services for your balcony:


  • Structural concrete repair 

  • Damaged Concrete Balcony Repair

  • Concrete Roof repair

  • Concrete Ceiling repair 

  • Concrete Balcony edge Repair

  • Spalling Concrete Repair

  • Condo Balcony repair

  • Balcony Repair Sika

  • Balcony waterproof system

  • Balcony Renovation

  • Balcony Surface repair 

  • And much more…


We can even deal with rusted steel in balconies and repair cracks when necessary. We truly are your local experts when it comes to concrete balconies. 


Call us as soon as you notice the earliest signs of damage and we’ll come fast in order to repair and even reverse the effects of weathering whenever its possible. 





Commercial Concrete balcony repair & Residential Concrete balcony repair in Palm Beach County, FL


We work with both homeowners and businesses in Palm Beach County. And we even offer the following services: HOA Balcony repair, School Balcony repairs, Medical Buildings Balcony repairs, and we can work with hospitals and other public facilities if required.


Anyone is welcome to contact us. We are at your service and will do everything in our power to fix your balcony to the best of our abilities. Any aspect of balcony repair is covered by our concrete balcony services. You just have to ask and we will create a special package based on your specific requirements whenever needed.  


If you are looking for a company that can maintain and repair your balcony, we are here for you. Businesses even have access to a variety of packages designed to fulfill all your needs. 


Most concrete repairs performed by our team are for buildings of average size and multi-story houses or places. We can perform inspections too as well as sealing of any type of concrete balcony. 


We are here not only to fix the issue but also to repair, and give more strength to the entire structure to avoid further damages and similar problems. We will leave your balcony better than we found it. Your balcony’s cracks and stains will soon be a distant memory. Whether you are looking for full-scale balcony repair or simply for minor repairs, we always have something in store for you. 


Concrete Balcony Repair Cost in Boca Raton, FL


We offer cost-effective solutions for all budgets. Competitive pricing is what you can expect from us regardless of the type of repair needed. We will perform high-quality repairs every time and deliver long-term results. 


Call us for anything related to restoration, sealing, caulking, and waterproofing. Our staff members carry professional-grade tools and equipment with them in order to provide you with the quality service possible. 


Get in touch today for a free concrete balcony estimate at XXX-XXXX-XXXX. Our operators will answer all your questions and will give you useful tips and advice based on what type of project you want to undertake. 


We cover the following areas in Florida: West Palm Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton and more cities, towns, and communities in the entire Palm Beach County and its surroundings.

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