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When we first started iDEVELOP CONSTRUCTION, it was with one idea in mind; to provide the greater West Palm Beach, FL area, and its surrounding communities, with only the best in stucco, plaster, and EIFS services. And after helping so many home builders, commercial builders, homeowners, and business owners with their installation and repair needs, it would seem that we’ve succeeded.

For a long time now, we’ve been doing what other local stucco companies can’t. Whether they charge too much for basic stucco services, lack the experience or tools to do your job properly, or only offer certain stucco services, we’re there for you with more options and better prices each time.

Complete Stucco Services

Rather than only focus on sealing stucco cracks to have them repainted, we offer total stucco and plaster service. From newly built homes and commercial properties to small repairs, touch ups

and full replacement services, you won’t find a better company for your home or commercial property than us.

Our service is different for a reason. Rather than try and charge more for fewer services, or only make small repairs to stucco, we have the experience and the knowledge you can trust for

complete stucco repairs and installations. Unlike other construction companies in the area, our stucco services aren’t afterthoughts; rather, we strive to offer excellent service each time.

Stucco isn’t mean to be a quick and easy install. There should be three components to your

home’s exterior layers. Applying all three takes a little extra time, but it provides your house or

commercial space with superior weatherproofing, moisture prevention, and the best defense

against mold and mildew.

Stucco Done Right

Our team correctly applies all three different coats of stucco each time, giving your home or business the superior protection it needs from the elements. When your building has a scratch coat, brown coat, and a textured coat, you can guarantee that water won’t be coming inside anytime soon.

You would expect a wood, vinyl siding, or brick home or building to hold up, so it is justifiable to expect the same level of performance should result from your stucco? Some homeowners simply don’t know any better, taking excuses by lesser quality companies at face value. Because of this, they wind up paying more for maintenance problems that never should have happened, to begin with, but we don’t believe this lack of integrity.


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